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There’s no bond like the one between a planner and her client.

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From the moment we knew we were getting married, I knew Chelsey had to be our wedding planner. Her energy, passion and professionalism stood out. We had a large wedding party with lots of bodies to be directed. She was excellent in coordinating and keeping everyone in line. A lot of people asked in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding if we were stressed about the day and our answer was simple… no. That peace of mind knowing Chelsey is so efficient at her job certainly took the stress out of our wedding. Chelsey’s attention to detail, quick thinking and ability to problem solve anything made for such a smooth sailing day. The calm manner and beautiful smile that she greeted us and our guests with eased our last-minute nerves. We couldn’t recommend Chelsey highly enough; our wedding day was completely how we imagined and that was because Chelsey helped us make it happen.
— Bride - Annie

Chelsey is quite literally a life saver. When I first started planning my wedding, I thought I could just do it all and get married. By about 6 months until the wedding I knew it would be way too much for me and my husband to try and plan, participate, and somehow coordinate. The moment Chelsey came on she was on it. I am in Florida so most of our conversations were via phone.

The first day we started talking she asked about every little detail about the wedding theme, my dress, our colors, the budget, you name it she asked. She even asked for my Pinterest board (which I have a sad excuse for one, but if you are a big Pinterest person she will be on there like no ones business).

As someone who has a pretty busy daytime life because of work, she made everything so easy. We texted and talked while I was shopping for decor to make sure everything looked good together. She also helped me find things online that I couldn’t find in the stores. She also helped call and confirm my vendors.

During the rehearsal Chelsey was on top of everything and made sure we got done in a timely manner so we could set up for the rehearsal dinner. She even set up majority of the centerpieces by herself after we all had to leave. When I tell you this woman is a super human, I mean it.

The day of the wedding was so put together that I wasn’t even stressed at that point. All I had to worry about was getting ready. She had everything planned and taken care of. Chelsey is also just a bundle of fun and I am happy she stayed for the entire wedding and was able to have some downtime too and enjoy the food.

I truly don’t think our wedding would have been as great as it was if it was not for Chelsey, so thank you. Everyone who attended said it was their favorite wedding and I think in large that was because of Chelsey and how amazing she is.

Thank you so so much! We are forever grateful to you.
— Bride - Kaitlyn

Over the past year or so my fiancé and I have been invited to many many weddings. Big, small, long, short, you name it but, the wedding of my close friend Kaitlyn and her now husband, Anthony was by far the most enjoyable and organized wedding we’ve ever been to. A large part of this wedding’s success and appeal was the intense dedication of their wedding coordinator, Chelsey. She was the pivotal playing card to why this wedding ran smoothly without any internal or external hiccups. First, Chelsey demonstrated extraordinary leadership leading and planning the schedule of the day while also respecting the wishes of the bride and groom. Secondly, she is a master at organization. All of the floor directions for the bridal party, including the procession and seating for the guests, were rehearsed prior to the big day in a concise and efficient manner. Lastly, the wedding reception setup was gorgeous but the room had to be flip from the ceremony to the reception and she was able to set it up in less than 10 minutes so none of the guests had to wait for seating. If you’re in need a wedding coordinator who is compassionate, a good listener and is passionate about her job then Chelsey is the one you need! I am getting married next year and after seeing what an amazing job Chelsey did for my friend Kaitlyn I hired her to do my wedding too!
— Bride / Bridesmaid - Raina

Chelsey planned and coordinated my wedding in 2010. I had a small budget to work with and she was amazing with helping me find a venue and vendors that fit my needs. She handled everything from decorating my tables and venue to making sure we were where we need to be on time. There is no way my wedding would have turned out the way it did had it not been for her. She pays attention to every small detail to make sure things were done the way I envisioned them. She was a blessing in the planning process up to the rehearsal and the wedding day itself. I had the wedding of my dreams thanks to her making it happen. Chelsey is very good and very passionate about what she does. If you need a coordinator Chelsey is the best one out there!
— Bride - Jewell

I asked Chelsey to help with my wedding 4 years ago after she had done such a great job on a friend’s simple ceremony at Jump Off Rock. I had quite the task throwing together an intimate ceremony in 2 short weeks. Chelsey took on the task without hesitation and did everything in her power to make sure all my dreams came true in such a short amount of time. She was always ready and willing to jump all of the hurdles that came our way. Issues with the dress, cold weather, music, etc. Anything that could turn my special event into a nightmare, Chelsey calmly got me through it all and found a solution for every disaster. If I hadn’t had her by my side every step of the way, I don’t believe I would have made it down the aisle to the love of my life. She was amazing and vital to one of my most special days. I can’t wait to renew my vows one day so Chelsey and I can do it all over again!
— Bride - Cheyenne
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